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Maritime Academy of Maldives (MAM) is a maritime school registered in 2010 and founded by a few like minded Maldivian seafarers for the uplift of all seafarers in Maldives, and around the region.
The aim of the Academy is to upgrade the existing Maldivian seafarers’ employment opportunities at home and abroad, and also to open doors of opportunities to younger generation of Maldivians and foreigners alike, seeking seafaring & related careers. The ultimate objective of MAM is to gain a sizable market for Maldivian seafarers in the international Labour market and there by improve the living conditions of all Maldivians as a whole.

Founder Members:
Capt. Mohamed Saud
Capt. Adhil Rasheed
Capt. Mohamed Naeem
Mr. Mohamed Didi
C/E. Ahmed Musthafa

Principal: Capt. Mohamed Naeem
Deputy Principal: Mr. Ahmed Musthafa
CEO & Education Program Director: Capt. Adhil Rasheed
Director of Marketing: Shammoon Shareef
Administrator: Aishath Sugaama

Registrar: Shahma Abdul Rahman